Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ask the people that are Running!

Hi everyone,

Thought I would write a little about the election before the summer is over. Everyone is concerned with ways to increase numbers at the poll, unless of course you won last election you hope no one shows so you can win again. The people running in this election need to do all the work for everyone if they are going to get the people out to the polls. You have to take advantage of all advertising and media needs that are available. Yes some candidates have websites up and running well others do not. So I thought I would share with everyone those that have taken every step possible up to date to get as much exposure as possible. I will list all their websites as of July 24th 2010.


Rocky Varcoe
Marcell Brunelle
Pat Perkins

My Choice : Rocky Varcoe

Regional Council:

Dave Sansom
Lorne Coe
Don Mitchell

John Dolstra
Joe Drumm No Website
Linda Lyons No Website

My Choice: Dave Sansom ...Remember you can choose 3 Regional Councillors but to make sure yours gets elected only vote for the one you want elected.

For the Office of Town Councillor, North Ward 1

Sue Pitchforth No Website
John Shaver
Tracy Hanson

I actually am undecided on this race!

For the Office of Town Councillor, West Ward 2

Ayoub Ali No Website
Chudi A. Asidianya
Elizabeth Roy No Website
Shadlock, Debra No Website

Here's a shocker for you all: Elizabeth Roy

For the Office of Town Councillor, Centre Ward 3

Michael Emm
Shirley Scott No Website
Bill Caukwell No Website

I like the new entry to the race well liked and an honest man! Bill Caukwell

For the Office of Town Councillor, East Ward 4

Kelly Kane No Website
Kenneth Montague No Website
Richard Morphew No Website
Michael O'Hare No Website
Julie Rennie No Website

Kenneth Montague

School Board Trustee Nominee's

Honestly if you don't know who is running don't vote for anyone on Schoolboard!

Not going there as I don't think this level of Government should exist.

So in posting all this there is one common thread and that's amongst most of the incumbents. Other than Lorne Coe, no other incumbent has a Website available to view. Is it because they have a lacklustre record or is it because being the incumbent they feel no need share information anyway they can. The one ward I really don't understand is east ward, why has none of the candidates released a website and if they have why do they not have it published at the Town's site. The only person I can understand not having one is Julie Rennie as she just put her name forward.

Most of these candidates have a Facebook page and if you want to find out what the Candidate brings to the table ask them about their policies, what changes they would make, what their vision for Whitby is not one year down the road but 5, 10, 20 years down road. Metroland keeps asking the question how can we get more people out to vote. Well starting with a small percentage of voters you attract them through the web. But just saying I am so and so doesn't cut it now a days as people want to know what you can do for them, how you can save them tax dollars and do so without cutting services which happens most of the time and has happened to many times over the past few years.

I have posted questions to some of the Candidates and they seem inclined not to answer so they basically lost three votes in my house. John Mutton has one of the best idea's I have seen in awhile and that seems to get people involved and that is to post a question in your fastbook status. I have noticed a few other candidates that do this and one is running for Mayor of Whitby, Rocky Varcoe and people get involved.

Facebook is a great tool for asking questions and gaining valuable information from voters.

Don't get me wrong websites are only a small factor in an election Campaign. The biggest part is knocking on as many doors as possible but in today's media age you should take advantage of all the advertising means that are available. Having a lack of Websites from both incumbents and all other candidates is not helping to drive the people to the polls.

Please feel free to submit your comments as I would love to hear from you.

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