Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Library speaks volumes about our town - Letter to the Editor

"You can only control those that work for you as freedom is a wonderful thing"

Quote Unknown

Re: 'Preserving the past in Whitby', April 22.

Time after time the Whitby Central Library shines in this town. From children's activities to visits from favourite authors, computer courses to video games, it is the path to discovery.

During past challenges in the economy the library was a safe haven to re-learn, explore opportunities and just plain escape the harsh realities of the world. The staff is second to none, ready to lend a helping hand at the drop of a pin. If you have a chance take a trip to the library, turn it into a family day and learn how great our library is.

The opportunities are endless and the experience worth the price of admission, which by the way is usually just a friendly smile from the staff. Take a trip down memory lane by taking a trip upstairs and check out the archives; you'll truly be impressed. On that note I can't wait to see the finished Brooklin library/community centre when completed. A library says a lot about a town and our library speaks volumes.