Monday, July 4, 2011

Election sign charges against Whitby candidate dropped

As Written in The Whitby This Week news paper:

WHITBY -- Charges laid against a candidate in last year's Whitby mayoral race have been withdrawn.

Rocky Varcoe was in provincial offences court Friday when all counts against him were dropped. Mr. Varcoe was charged with multiple bylaw infractions alleging he had put up election signs prior to the period allowed. He had indicated he was prepared to fight the charges.

"They couldn't prove them," Mr. Varcoe said of the charges on Friday.

Mr. Varcoe had been accused of breaking the bylaw on several occasions beginning last August, when he opened his campaign headquarters, complete with signs, on Dundas Street.

The charges came at the end of a rancorous contest between incumbent Pat Perkins, Mr. Varcoe, and Marcel Brunelle. Mayor Perkins was re-elected.

My Comments:

Talk about a waste of tax payers Money!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Whitby families on thin ice with rising costs of minor hockey

Hi Everyone,

Borrowing the headlines from (Story by Parvaneh Pessian). Is it just me or is this story an interesting one. Because last year was an election year the The Whitby Minor Hockey Association organization of more than 10,000 members, including 3,100 players and 6,000 parents, volunteers, referees and timekeepers thought they persuaded the Town to freeze ice and floor rental fees for the 2010 hockey season. When in reality it was an election year and if they raised the cost to the proposed 2.5-per cent fee increase it would have meant lost votes.

As I stated after the 2010 election the people of the Town of Whitby voted for TAX increases. Now there is a proposed increase in user fees before council again of 2.5 per cent to cover off additional costs to provide the operating and maintenance requirements of the facilities. Either way you cut it we the Tax payers will be on the hook to cover these costs. It's again spending more than what's in the trough. I'm all for everyone being able to put their children in hockey, but at what cost. The federal government allows for a Tax rebate on the fees paid for hockey and other related sports. So you will get some of your money back at the end of the tax year.

Here's a solution to the problem of higher fee increases to families and maybe Hockey associations across Canada can use this. The average fee for enrolment is close to 600 dollars per player so why not have 3 or 4 payment periods throughout the Hockey season that way a parent may be able to afford 4 payments instead of lump sum. You are always looking for ways to keep your costs down, you can also do a barter system where a Parent donates time to be a convener or volunteer somewhere else in the organization. By bartering the organization can put a price tag on what your volunteering for and at the same time they can cut costs. Therefor you eliminate some of the administration costs keeping the costs to parents down. This may or may not work but at least its something that could be investigated.

Isn't that why we elected these people for to look at solutions and offer advice. I know the price increase hasn't gone through yet, but it probably will as either a hockey parent will pay or all tax payers will.

If you have a solution that you think might help leviate the high costs for hockey send it to me and I will gladly post it. Idea's cost nothing to hear.

Thanks for your ears!

Scott Templeton