Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making 'Cents' of the Arts Centre

o        Making ‘Cents” of the Arts Centre – Metroland Article by Parvaneh Pessian

Yes, by all means, let’s keep the dream alive of wasting $1.1 million in net loss of taxpayer’s money. Town staff has already reported that’s the amount that would be the annual loss of building and maintaining the Performing Arts Centre. If you bring in a partner at 50% you are still going to lose $550 thousand of taxpayer’s money. If you know any business people who need a large TAX DEDUCTION call them, because this could be it. I am in the business where building the Arts Centre probably would be financially beneficial to me but not at the cost of paying more taxes to maintain an ongoing loss. I am pretty sure there will be a licensed restaurant inside this Performing Arts Centre and we all know how well the Town handled the Sports Garden CafĂ©; oh wait, another losing venture!

To top it off Michael Emm, our one term Centre Ward Councilor, wants to build it downtown on the site of the old fire hall, where the parking will be inadequate for this endeavor. Even if you build an Underground parking lot you will have to charge people to park so it justifies building the Parking lot. I’m sure it would be free parking at first but then the town will look at it as a revenue generator and guess who will pay again? You guessed right YOU and ME! For the past  20 years I’ve heard the same rubbish about revitalizing the downtown core. It’s looking better than it has in the past, but if you want to revitalize the downtown core have your shops open a little longer, clean up the mess that hooligans create every weekend and give people a reason to go downtown again.

My Point is if you know it’s going to cost taxpayers around $1.1 million in net losses why would you even suggest the idea or support it?  Would you?  Apparently our Centre Ward Councilor does!!!!!

Thanks Councilor Emm for playing Monkey See Monkey Do!