Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mayor Clears Air on Casino or wants you to Believe the reasons why!

Wow . don't believe it's been over 8 months since I last posted. I must be super busy or I was just waiting an letting the Mayor shot her self in the foot.

On May 24th a story in Whitby this Week - appeared.

This story has to do with the reasons Pat Perkins pretty much directed Whitby Council to vote against a $750,000 winfall. I realize the word "directed" is not really a democracy but hey who said Whitby Council runs like a democracy.

Her reason's were based on the zoning for a new OLG Slots Facility. She mentioned talking to Mayor Steve Parish and how he was not interested in revenue sharing. If Whitby Happened to have the OLG Slots would Pat Perkin's be so fast to share Revenue that has a large impact on our town, No it would be a resounding "NO". 

What I find funny is how she said and these are her words as printed in the Paper, "We were looking for fairness; what they came back with was anything but. It was cutting out our neighbours in Pickering. We are the Zone, so Whitby in all good conscience could not do that to our neighbours."

I am not sure but I am pretty sure Pat Perkins should be doing what's best for Whitby and turning down a windfall of close to $750,000 is not doing the best for Whitby.

Also the last time I checked Mayor Ryan of Pickering is a pretty good mayor and I am sure does not need Pat Perkins in his corner fighting for him. If Mayor Ryan wanted a deal with Ajax he would have had a meeting in private for Pickering.

Bottom line I actually think Pat Perkins is starting to believe her own reasons for flushing money down the toilet ... Thank goodness Oct 2014 is just around the corner!!