Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vote just happened for step 1. Step 2 should be even easier than step 1 as now Regional Council has agreed with the people of Durham Region and thus all municipalities should follow their lead. It passed 24 - 2 ( two no shows ) and one of those no-shows was our Whitby Mayor Pat Perkins the people of Whitby need to ask their Mayor why she was not there to vote. The empty seat below belongs to Whitby Mayor Pat Perkins during the public deputations and of course before the vote. She magically appeared after the vote was recorded. Before:
Opps there she is of course the vote was already recorded before she took her seat!
This again is the easiest vote the Municipal Councillors should ever have to make as they have been told which way to vote.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Direct Election Vote should be no Brainer!!

Any politician that votes against the clear mandate of the people should be recalled. Seriously folks if they accepted the job, took the pay as they are entitled to do based on the election results, why would they not accept this result also. PUT your personal views aside and vote as your electorate overwelmingly want you to... OR QUIT ! This should be the easiest vote you have ever had to make as the people have made it for you!!!!!!!
Read this on Facebook and it makes complete sense!! Thanks RV