Monday, September 20, 2010

Whitby Election in full Swing

Well here we are at the beginning really of the Municipal elections in Whitby and things are moving full steam ahead. You have Three people Vying for the Mayor’s top job as the controller of our Tax dollar’s. What the residents of Whitby need to do is keep their eyes and ears open during the remaining time and listen to what each candidate stands for. The most important thing that each and every one of us can do on OCT 25th is VOTE. I have my preferred candidate, which is Rocky Varcoe, A wise businessman that knows how to be fiscally responsible through years of owning and operating businesses. The other two candidates together over the past 13 years are responsible for tax increases topping 65 percent. That is reason alone for me to Vote for Rocky. But I have to be honest I am working on his campaign because I do believe that a business approach is what Whitby needs at this time. I hear the other two candidates time after time saying you need political experience to learn how things are operated in the municipal chambers, well truth be told things have gotten worse, there is a division on council and unfortunately this hurts all Whitby. Lets see 13 years of running this town and around 45 years of experience as a politician between the two has brought us no new business to the area keeping us as the bedroom community we are. I for one would love the opportunity to WORK and PLAY in our community.

I look at Cullen Park as a good of example of waste and to be truthful my first opinion when the Town bought the land was one of this could be a good thing, but then we started seeing how much it cost to upkeep. I was involved in the meeting or discussions about what to do with Cullen Park at Hydenshore a couple years back and suggested selling it off or turning it into a tourist attraction or even going to UOIT and create a doctors college on the site. The doctors college on this site could work out great it would supply Whitby with the doctors it needs and would be a great start for an argument to help raise funds so we can get the Full service hospital we need.

You can see problems in the Town that don’t need to be there if people are allowed to do their jobs. I can tell you about a phone call I received because I wrote a letter to the editor regarding Builder Developer Donations from one of the two Experienced Candidates a few years ago questioning what I wrote after stating they did not read the article. Sounded like someone trying to intimidate rather than question the article. This is the same experienced candidate that refused to support the people of center ward regarding the public school closures in Central Whitby by not allowing representation to sit on the Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) that could have possibly saved the Schools.

Here’s the letter our mayor endorsed to be written back to the Durham District School Board and it was her decision and her decision alone.

Here’s the Links to support these statements above:

Truth be told these experienced candidates have done good in one way or another, it’s just that I have seen nothing but companies leaving, no new companies arriving, schools closing with no support.. We need someone with Vision to run this Town and that’s why I am Supporting Rocky Varcoe as the new CEO/Mayor of Whitby!

The most important thing for all of us to do is on OCT 25th is get out and VOTE as it is only you that can make the CHANGE Whitby needs!

I am pretty sure after I publish this I will be attacked on other websites, which aren’t worth the pixels that it takes to create what your reading, but I am just telling it like it is.

To be fair if you want something printed supporting the other two Mayoral candidates please submit it to me and I will post it. But Please include your name, as I hate anonymous letters, as anonymous letters or replies won’t be published.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Election in Full Swing

Well here we are at the beginning really of the Municipal election