Thursday, September 13, 2012

Whitby is Loser with these bunch of Dimwits!!!!

Whitby is Loser with these bunch of Dimwits!!!!

I know I was dumbfounded by the way the vote happened at Whitby Council. Who would believe this Council to turn down a $750,000 dollar win fall which probably would have balanced the budget in the years to come. It would have had a great capital impact for roughly 20 years.

Voting against the offer from Ajax, which I thought was pretty generous offer, Ken Montague, Tracy Hanson, Lorne Coe, Michael Emm and Milk Carton Pat Perkins. Michael Emm I understand as he only supports losing money for the town of Whitby and basically doing what ever Pat Perkins tells him to!

Voting in favor of accepting a $750,000 dollar win fall for Whitby, and basically only having to vote to support this option were Don Mitchell, Joe Drumm and Liz Roy.

Just to show you I am not the only person disappointed in the decision of the Mayor and Company and their greediness to throw away a guaranteed Cash flow for nothing is ridiculous and makes no sense.

This is what happens when 45% vote gives us a Mayor that does not care about her constitutes and only her own agenda.

This smells of Performing Arts Centre all over it... Could there be ties that lead further up the latter... maybe Federally.. one never knows!!!!

Comments by Whitby Residents!!!


Casino Vote-whats next?

First of all, it won't be the Mayor doing any work. She will hire the best consultants that our money can buy and tell them this has to be done in a very short time frame so of course, money is no object.Our money is never a concern for Pat Perkins.It would appear that the Mayor is spending Town money like a drunken sailor:that is hard earned money in the bank by past administrations managed properly on behalf of the Town citizens.One big hurdle is how is the Mayor going to explain that the location for the Casino could be adjacent to the Abilities Centre.Sure wouldn't like to live in Whitby Shores if this is picked:what's that knock on the door?, its 3 am:why it a hooker wanting to use our washroom.Call the Mayor at home, not her problem, call the police.One just has to go up to Rama, its a 24 hour continuous coming and going of people, white limos, and problems.And to think, all this crap could have been avoided. The Mayor could have just accepted the $ 1 million per year. I think its time to call the Province and have them step in and take over the running of the Town.The Mayor and her past decisions have made Whitby a laughing stock. We are not being managed properly, the Staff is excellent, but they have to listen to what the Mayor says,their hands are tied.Its time for the Mayor to call it a day before she bankrupts the Town.

Whitby Mayor blows $1 million

For sure politics is in play here, at the expense of Whitby taxpayers.Councillors Coe, Emm,Hanson,(don't know about Montague) and our inept Mayor Perkins are all card carrying Conservatives. We must thank Councillors Roy, Drumm & Mitchell for putting the residents first in voting NO.Its a bloody shame the Conservative councillors put themselves at the front of the line in putting their careers first by possibly accepting future considerations from the Mayor so she can count on their votes. Is it legally possible that we can recall the Mayor. She has fumbled the ball from the start, our past Mayors must be shaking their heads that the Town has fallen in stature in only 6 years.Hard questions must be answered: is the Mayor up to the task;does she have a drinking problem;has she health problems that affect her job: she must have something going on as she sucks. Anyone who turns down $1 million annually needs an assessment.


What did you expect from this council?
The decision by Whitby council, minus Elizabeth Roy,Joe Drum and Don Mitchell, shows what a morally bankrupt bunch of of incompetents we have running the town. What's a million dollars right? The only way this council attracts new business is to steal it from your neighbours. Remember these folks at election time and hopefully our fine Mayor will be put out to pasture.


Simply incredible?

Mr Parrish and Joe Drumm said it best... There is not a chance in hell the Liberals will turn there back on Ajax (Liberal MP Joe Dickson) , a community that has done a terrific job with the slots, and give it to a Community that has elected Conservative after Conservative. Like it or not this is very Political. WE should have taken the guaranteed 15% and run...Thanking Ajax Council every year at budget time. With the exception of Drumm, Roy and Mitchell....ITS CLEAR Whitby Council blew this big time and I hope you all remember this in 2014....It is because of decisions like this that make folks like me run......In the words of Lucille councillors that voted for turning down this guaranteed $750, 000 to 1,000,000 a year have alot of splaining to do....We really need changes in town


Whitby rejects offer.

Hopefully Whitby's greed comes back to bite them with no casino and no profits from Ajax.


I smell something...
Looks like the Provincial MPP will have to use her muscle to rescue town council and the Chamber. Remember, as in life, it's who you hang with that gets you the job. History shows that some powers magically get Whitby what it wants!!



Extremely. Councillor Joe Drumm was quite correct - a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I and others tried to persuade council. It was evident that the jib was up even before the meeting started. Tracey Hansen said that it was a choice between capitalism and socialism - it wasn't - it was a choice between the people of Whitby and the ambitions of the majority of council. The people of Whitby lost. I want to commend Councillors Roy, Mitchell (although he was against reserving 20% for Social Service Agencies like the Distress Centre Durham, he and I will have words), and Drumm for standing up for what is right. Councillors Drumm and Roy were very passionate in the defence of the people of Whitby.


Pure Greed!
So disappointed in Whitby! Ajax took the risk, spent millions to upgrade the infrastructure as did the Picov family and now they are reaping the well deserved rewards. Ajax was more than generous to offer Whitby 15% for nothing and the greed of some Whitby Councillors & Mayor blinded them. Ajax is one of the top earners for OLG and has full support support from Council. Don't come back begging for 15% when it's all said and done Whitby. This silliness is one reason I moved out of Whitby!

I really can't say anymore that hasn't been said...

Let's see the Picov who own Picov downs and Ajax slots and supported Jim Flarhety to the tune of almost 100k over his Provincial and Federal election are being ambushed by Milk Carton Pat... I smell something and it's not the Mushroom farms from north Whitby, but the stench of Burning Money from the Town of Whitby..

90k wasted on a Study regarding the 1.1 million dollar losing venture in the so called Performing Arts Centre and now the Casino... It smells like this could lead to deeper waters in Toronto.. maybe that story will break soon as well!!!!

2014 is just around the Corner and its time to get rid of these money wasting, money burning Buffoons !!!

The Biggest Disappointment is Ken Montague and Tracy Hanson and of Course Michael Emm but we all expected him to follow Milk Carton Pat!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess this could put a damper on Lorne Coes Run For MAYOR in 2014 since he supported this Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!